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Jun 24, 2022

Sara Jane of Ladybug Productions is BACK!
We talk about risk, trauma, fulfillment, failure, victimhood, and male hell, AND we do an energy cleansing session live on the show!
For a DISCOUNT on her upcoming event, use code: “bald”
***Tickets & Offerings:

Jun 11, 2022

To celebrate turning 36 on June 10th, I did a LIVESTREAM with my wifebro, America's favorite punkservative Mike Harlow!

This was a raucous episode with tons of filth and fun, featuring 2 guests: James of Pirate Radio and Layla aka Propaganda Fluent!

NEW MERCH, intelligent discourse, and Lena Dunham!

Do it...

Jun 1, 2022

Jen is an NYC business owner who refused to discriminate. Bruno is a healthcare worker who lost his job due to refusing an injection.
They're also livestreamers who seek to help every voice be heard.
We talk about what/who is killing NYC, whether Austin will be right for me, government overreach, fear, and Partridge...