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Jun 30, 2020


Ep. 90: Peter from Carlsbad- unforgivable jokes
Ep. 9: Trinity- MeToo Movement
Ep. 78: the good girl- unwanted pregnancy/abortion
Ep. 125: Jess the Prequel- Men's Rights
Ep. 106: Anonymous SF Teacher- how white-guilt hurts black students

Jun 22, 2020

Josh is a black Country singer from Queens. His band is called His Pioneers.
We have an exciting, intellectual conversation about life as an anomaly, psychology, race, Trump, success, big government, and humor. Enjoy!

Jun 15, 2020

Ray is a survivor of Aids, a tireless activist, and has been a huge-hearted treasure of the Leather, BDSM, and LGBTQ+ Community for almost 40 years.
This convo was recorded almost a month ago, and it is NSFW.

Jun 8, 2020

Nico the Black/Filipino teacher from ep.93 is back!

We talk about how unarmed Blacks aren't being killed by cops more often than Whites, the importance of self-care, the effects of White Guilt on adults and children, hope, and McDonald's!

Jun 1, 2020

Alex is very smart Black Photographer from Detroit.
We talk about George Floyd, Filipinas, White guilt, his travels around the US, Antifa, and the many sources of prejudice.
It's a really thoughtful and unique conversation that you need to "hear".