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Feb 21, 2022

Jean is co-owner of The Comic Strip Live - one of the only businesses in NYC not enforcing masks and mandates.

MAGAY is an Israeli immigrant and an outspoken lesbian conservative.

We talk about the mandates, Jean's work as a nurse during covid, and the NYC councilwoman who accused The Comic Strip of antisemitism.


Feb 18, 2022

Heyyyyyyy everybody.

Had some technical issues with Sara Jane's episode. I had posted it on Monday, but it did not populate anywhere except my YouTube channel.

I re-uploaded it today, so episode 215 featuring Sara Jane of Ladybug Productions is now up.

There is a HUGE episode coming out Monday!!!

Keep your ears...

Feb 14, 2022

Sara Jane is the creator of Ladybug Productions, which offers Access Consciousness, Matchmaking, The Living Blog, Caress, & more.

We talk about "returning to sender", my sobriety anniversary, magic, intimacy, energy, and clits!

*tech issues when uploading Monday, but fixed now*

Feb 4, 2022

Based momma, wife, photographer, and Floridian Jamie Arrigo is BACK!

We talk about Reinette Senum and the soul of California, awakening, defending Whoopi, stealing, honking, and our collective good nature.